Riffgat Project Successfully Completed

The first vessel in the world to deliver and install eight complete turbines at a windfarm site in a single deployment finished work on its first project on the 18th of July.

By loading and transporting the towers in one piece, saving on lifting operations and freeing up deck space, the Bold Tern was able to carry up to eight turbines per voyage, reducing the number of transit operations and sailing time. And after a significant learning curve, turbines are now being installed in less than 12 hours on average, with a record of just under 10 hours.

Cooperation between all parties involved (EWE, Siemens Windpower, Blue Water Shipping and Fred. Olsen Windcarrier) ensured the fast and smooth completion of the project.

Simultaneously to Bold Tern’s deployment, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier had a total of three Bayard service vessels in the area; two of which worked alongside Bold Tern on the Riffgat project while a third Bayard was working in the same area on the BARD project along-side Brave Tern.