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Educating the next generation about offshore energy

At Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, our vision is clear. It’s more than wind and sea – it’s power for the people, and we can pass it on to the next generation. So we’re delighted to have signed up as an affiliate partner for OffshoreWind4Kids, a program designed to teach children all about engineering, technology, and renewable energy.

Using a hands-on approach, OffshoreWind4Kids allows children to play with small scale offshore wind turbines, teaching them about various aspects of offshore wind energy (watch the first demo day here). The program also aims to support women in engineering by specifically encouraging girls to get involved – one of the goals is to have as many girls as boys sign up for each event. OffshoreWind4Kids is also aiming to stimulate innovation, and to spread awareness of offshore wind to the general public.

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier will be teaming up with the founder, Belgian civil and geotechnical engineer William Beuckelaers, to support the program’s journey and to help bring it to Denmark. To reach as many children as possible, OffshoreWind4Kids will be using local hubs, with funding going directly towards setting these up and buying the required material for school events and demo days. We will help the program launch Danish events, and provide the financial and logistical support to ensure OffshoreWind4Kids can bring their various activities and fantastic work to educate the next generation of Danes.