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Maritime Trainee program and Mari's experience

What’s your background in Fred. Olsen Windcarrier?

I’ve been with the company for three years. Before I came on board, I was at university in Norway studying marine technology. I originally thought this would lead me into the Oil and Gas industry, but back in 2014 there was a huge oil market crash, which made me think about exploring different options. Also, as my generation has grown up to be more environmentally conscious, it felt natural to consider opportunities in renewable energy.

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier came to my university to give a presentation, with the aim of hiring one person from my class into the company. I was very fortunate that they chose me! So, I started as a project engineer, and after two very inspiring years I was offered a place on the Maritime Trainee program, which I’m currently completing now.

What’s the Maritime Trainee program?

When I was asked to be part of the Maritime Trainee program, I could not believe my luck! It really is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The Maritime Trainee program is one of the leading management trainee programs in Norway. It is organized by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association and lasts for 18 months. It combines day-to-day work in Fred. Olsen Windcarrier with an academic program with modules in Norway, Singapore, and London. It is designed to give participants three main competencies: general maritime knowledge, deeper insight into to their company, and management training.

When I was asked to be part of the Maritime Trainee program, I could not believe my luck! It really is an opportunity of a lifetime.

- Mari Storsul

What else does it involve?

There are several other people in my ‘class’ of Trainees, who work for other companies. As part of the program, there are five ‘modules’ that we all take part in with different focus areas. These are:


Module 1: Introduction to Maritime Industry

Module 2: Maritime industry, technology development, logistics, and digitalization

Module 3: Maritime law, negotiations, and digitalization

Module 4: Opportunities in ocean industry, digitalization, shipping history and financing

Module 5: International regulations, sustainability, and London as international maritime centre


Another especially useful part of the program is that I get to spend time working in the different departments of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier.


Initially, I was in the HSEQ department, which involved working with subcontractor audits and psychosocial working environments. After this, I got to spend four months in the technical department as a part of the site team working at a shipyard in Singapore. During the summer, I was also responsible for summer interns working in the engineering department, and over the last few weeks I’ve spent time in the Operational department.


Right now, I’m in the Commercial department, which gives me an overview on marketing, tendering, and contract negotiations. After this, I’ll spend a month onboard one of our vessels and, as the program lasts until Easter next year, I still have some other internal rotations left at finance, insurance, crewing, procurement, and others.

Mari Storsul

What are the benefits of doing the program?

It is very rare to get such an in-depth understanding of a business and its operations in this way. I’m learning people and management skills, how to think strategically about the future of our company and industry, as well as a lot of hands-on knowledge from a technical perspective. It’s all about seeing the bigger picture, understanding how everything works together, and how it all needs to be managed for us to be a successful business.

At the end of it all, not only will I have had an incredible life experience and learned a lot about how Fred. Olsen Windcarrier operates, but I will also receive a diploma and be enrolled in the Maritime Trainee Alumni Network.

What experiences have stood out so far?

Working at the shipyard in Singapore was quite an experience. I got to be a part of the site team completing the vessel conversion of Bold Tern including the installation of the new 1600t crane. It was a real challenge, and I loved it!

It has been these sorts of experiences that have helped me to grow as a person. You learn a lot about yourself when you are thrown into new situations like this. You get to see how things work in an entirely new way, for example what responsibilities lie with this particular department, or what the manager must think about to make everything stay on track.

How will the program help your career?

I’ve gained invaluable insights into how Fred. Olsen Windcarrier operates as well as our position in the industry and what sort of strategies are at play. Spending such focused time in different departments is already opening new doors of opportunity for me, as I am working closely with so many inspirational colleagues, who have also become friends.

I highly recommend anyone becoming involved in the program if they get the chance – it is a huge amount of fun and I know for sure it has helped to steer my career in a good direction. It will be sad when it all comes to an end, but I’ve gained experiences that will stay with me for years to come.

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