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Blue Wind jack-up vessel - ready for installation in the APAC region

Blue Wind jack-up vessel is a self-elevating jack-up vessel designed to handle wind turbines with an individual capacity of 8MW or more. 

Blue Wind jack-up vessel has a total width of 50m, a hull length of 142m, a total tonnage of 28,000t, a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500t for the crane, and a maximum lifting height of 153m. She can operate in depths of between 10m and 50m, and will be capable of loading, transporting, and installing seven 8MW wind turbines at a time.

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In 2021, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier announced a partnership with Shimizu Corporation (Shimizu) to support growth and development in the offshore wind industry in Japan and worldwide.

Under this partnership and exclusivity agreement, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier will be the leading partner for installation projects involving Shimizu’s vessel outside Japan, whereas Shimizu will be the leading partner for installation projects within Japan. With a deep understanding of operating jack-up installation vessels, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier will support Shimizu with the planning and execution of upcoming offshore wind project installations in Japan and support with training of key personnel for safe and efficient operation. Fred. Olsen Windcarrier and related company Global Wind Service will be the preferred suppliers for Shimizu with Fred. Olsen Windcarrier supplementing Shimizu vessel capacity in Japan when needed. For markets outside Japan, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier will represent and market the Shimizu vessel.

Our versatile fleet

Our flexible and efficient jack-ups provide a cost-effective solution across transport and installations, and operations and maintenance. With proven excellence in marine logistics, you can depend on well-kept facilities and their experienced crews to deliver quality results and a competitive project.

Bold Tern

Soon with a new 1600t crane.

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Brave Tern

Now with a new 1600t crane!

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Blue Tern

Ready for your most challenging installations

Blue Tern
Fixed Hornsea One
Brave Tern In Taiwan
Blue Tern Taken From Bold Tern On Moray East