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Look inside Brave Tern

Simply click on the different areas of the vessel to have a look inside.

Visit the deck

The 3.200 m2 open deck space on Brave Tern has a maximum capacity of 9.500 tonnes.

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Visit the crane

Learn more about Brave Tern's crane.

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Visit the helipad

Visit Brave Tern's helipad.

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Visit the mess room

See the mess room on board Brave Tern.

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Visit the engine room

Take a look inside the engine room.

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Visit the bridge

Meet the Captain and Jacking Operator on the bridge.

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Helipad 02
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Bridge Screenshot
Hohe See and Albatros by Mineev Aleksandr
Brave Tern and Bold Tern in Port Esbjerg 2018 (1)
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