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Expertise and Excellence for tomorrow's wind gigaparks

Lifting Your Potential

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier is committed to the future of offshore wind energy. With the best vessels, our qualified experts and experienced crews, we ensure your project is a success and your installation is competitive across its entire lifecycle, delivering dependable and predictable outcomes at every stage.

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News and Insights

Tanja Hedager (3)

From the football field to CCO

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DJI 0774

Lifting Taiwan’s green energy ambitions

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Work Discussions on Blue Tern (2)

Turning good leaders into great leaders

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Our versatile fleet

Bold Tern

Now with a new 1600t crane!

Bold Tern
Brave Tern

Service any turbine on the market

Brave Tern
Blue Tern

Ready for your most challenging installations

Blue Tern
Shimizu newbuild

Designed to handle turbines with an 8MW capacity or more

Shimizu newbuild
Bold Tern With New Crane In Water 1
Brave Tern In Taiwan
Blue Tern Taken From Bold Tern On Moray East
Shimz JUV Photo

Windcarrier facts

Almost 175 years of offshore and marine experience
800+ turbines installed

Case Studies

Moray East

Moray East is Scotland's largest offshore windfarm to date with 100 V164-9.5 turbines. Read more

Bold Tern installing on Hornsea One

Hornsea One

Being part of installing the worlds’ largest wind farm to date is part of our vision of supporting the quest to establish tomorr… Read more

Fixed Blue Brave Tern Hohesee

Hohe See and Albatros

Hohe See and Albatros wind farms are located in the German part of the North Sea and was at the time, the largest offshore wind … Read more

Windcarrier facts

20% of all offshore wind turbines installed outside China
5500 MW of clean, green energy installed

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Staring at a windfarm

A proud shipping heritage building a sustainable future

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier provides efficient and cost-effective transport, installation and service solutions to support you acros… Read more

Fixed Blue Brave Tern Hohesee

Track Record

Backed by 175 years of marine experience and + 830 installations, customers around the world rely on us for timely, predictable … Read more