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Offshore wind turbines Operations & Maintenance services

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier provides you with the resources, marine spread, and expertise for efficient scheduled and unscheduled Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services, no matter your position in the offshore wind market.

We offer tailored solutions to suit your specific needs and requirements, providing specific O&M services or a fully integrated approach. With our related O&M companies, Global Wind Service, Natural Power, and ZX Lidars, you are guaranteed a complete solution, making the full range of our O&M services available through a single Fred. Olsen Windcarrier contract.

As well as our fleet of purpose-built vessels, our related O&M companies employ over 1,500 people in the offshore wind industry, including over 850 experienced wind turbine technicians, more than 350 renewable consultants, and a strong team of engineers and project managers.


Benefits of this for you:

  • a complete range of O&M services available through a single contracting body.
  • reduce your operational risks, management interfaces, and contractual complexity by taking the full responsibility and offering tailor-made O&M services at lump sum prices.
  • achieve the highest levels of health and safety with integrated HSE policies, documentation packages, and work instructions.
  • more than 25 years of experience working in the renewables market, combined with 170 years of commercial shipping experience, at your disposal

Learn more below about how the different O&M services offered by Fred. Olsen related companies can help you solve your challenges.

Integrated O&M service campaigns

Wind turbine service and repair is a key area of expertise and our track record in this area is extensive. We offer you services from a single technician to complete service teams co-ordinated with full project and site management and multi-scope solutions – including vessel provision and tool setup. We have experience with all the major European turbine models, covering all scheduled maintenance and unscheduled services.

Unscheduled services

  • Component retrofit campaign
  • Main component exchange – included but not limited to: drivetrain, gearboxes, generators (mechanical), hub and hub bearing covers, main bearings, shafts and yaw gearbox
  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Lighting protection systems; inspections and repair
  • Boat landing cleaning
  • Paint repairs

Scheduled maintenance

  • First maintenance (500 hour)
  • Annual service
  • Bolt torque and tension
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Oil and grease replacement
  • Electrical systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Statutory testing of turbine mounted safety equipment
  • Statutory testing on hoisting equipment and lifts
  • Tower inspection and repair
  • Blade inspection and repair