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Find your career in the sustainability movement

At Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, we believe in the sustainability movement and we’re committed to driving it forward. Being part of our team means you can join the quest, and contribute to establishing tomorrow’s offshore wind gigaparks – heavier, higher, faster.

If you’re a sustainability enthusiast, have a strong sense of pride in the work you do, and you like the idea of harnessing the forces of nature to help society, then you just might belong with us. You’ll need to be a flexible thinker with a desire to find solutions, have fluid cooperative skills and the ability to align actions with team goals. Above all, what we value most in our people is that they’re curious, engaged and connected.

Meet the team

We’re very proud of our loyal, committed and talented staff, all of whom play a key role in helping us to deliver important projects safely, on time and on budget.
Here are a few of the people who contribute each day to the success of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier… perhaps your future colleagues?

Responsible for projects

Axel gets involved in projects early, contributing to tenders, and then as the project responsible engineer, typically for the planning phase and throughout the offshore campaign, when he is responsible for the engineering team’s deliverables to each specific project. His remit includes determining the fastening and lifting requirements, ensuring vessel stability as well as ballast and jack-up feasibility. He feels a lot of individual ownership with each project, taking responsibility and enjoying a freedom with the company, where he is encouraged to look at different or more efficient approaches for clients.

Axel says:

“Here in Windcarrier the environment is to make things work better, so innovation and creativity are encouraged and if we see opportunities we should chase them.”

Third Officer position

After working at the cruise lines for two years as an officer, she was on leave just as the pandemic was starting. The HR department told her that Fred. Olsen Windcarrier needed someone for one month, which she agreed to do as she was looking for a new challenge. “It was a fantastic experience and gave me a unique insight into the offshore wind industry,” says Sarah. The Third Officer position became available, and she jumped at the chance. With wind turbine installation, there is a lot to learn, but everyone is extremely welcoming and keen to show her how things are done. One thing she particularly appreciate is that this doesn’t feel like a new company – it’s just a different part of the Fred. Olsen family.


Sarah graduated in Navigation and Maritime with a 1st Class Degree from the University of Plymouth.

“I’ve definitely found my vocation and I’m here for the long haul. Everything about the role suits me perfectly, from the nature of the position, the career development path, and even the fact that I work for five weeks onboard, then I have five weeks off. As a woman, this is important as it will allow for a good work/life balance when I eventually have my own family.”


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