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Blue Tern - ready for your most challenging installations

Blue Tern (previously Seafox 5) is a multi-purpose, four-legged and self-propelled DP2 jack-up offshore wind turbine construction vessel, designed to operate throughout the year in harsh offshore conditions and in water depths of up to 65 meters. You can rely on the installation vessel’s experienced crew and long track record in both the offshore wind market and the oil and gas decommissioning market.

Blue Tern features a 1,200-tonne main crane and a 7,000-tonne variable deck load carrying capacity. The well-designed free and unobstructed deck space enables the unit to be well placed for both foundation and offshore wind turbine installation. With an overall length of 151 meters and a breadth of 50 meters, you can accommodate up to 150 personnel in the installation vessel’s well-kept, high-quality facilities.


Bold Tern

Now with a new 1600t crane!

Bold Tern
Brave Tern

Service any turbine on the market

Brave Tern
Bold Tern With New Crane In Water 1
Brave Tern In Taiwan