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Blue Tern Taken From Bold Tern On Moray East

Seafox 5 changes name to Blue Tern

In December 2018, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier made an agreement with the Seafox International Group for the acquisition of a 51% ownership in the jack-up vessel Seafox 5. From today, Seafox 5 has officially changed its name to Blue Tern. This includes that the vessel is now under commercial, technical and administrative management as an integral part of the Fred. Olsen Windcarrier fleet of jack-up vessels for offshore wind.

Most vessels in the Fred. Olsen & Co. fleet have been named something starting with a ‘B’ from the very beginning more than 170 years ago. Also Brave Tern and Bold Tern – the two first jack-up vessels in the Fred. Olsen Windcarrier fleet. So it was a natural step to rename Seafox 5 to Blue Tern.

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier now offers a fleet of three modern offshore wind transport & installation vessels, consisting of Blue Tern, Brave Tern and Bold Tern.

Blue Tern

Blue Tern, previously Seafox 5, is a multi-purpose, four-legged and self-propelled DP2 jack-up construction vessel with a track record from both the offshore wind market and the oil and gas decommissioning market. With an overall length of 151 meters and a breadth of 50 meters, Seafox 5 features a 1,200-ton main crane and can accommodate up to 150 personnel. The vessel was built in 2012 and is specifically designed to withstand harsh environment offshore conditions and is capable of operating throughout the year in water depths of up to 65 metres.

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