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Crew change services is a part of our integrated services offering

Integrated services is a bundle of services that all makes your project run more efficient and effortless.

With our 175 years of marine experience, you can trust we will operate the services as efficient and time optimized as possible meanwhile you concentrate on what´s most important for you and your project.

Every hour spent on transportation and installation counts – there is a lot to play for

Crew Change Services Is The Solution 03

Crew change services is the solution

The challenge

-  Decrease delays and costs
-  Reduce time spend on planning
-  Reduce distractions from core activities
-  Reduce operational complexity

The solution

-  Efficient planning
-  Efficient operations
-  High safety standards
-  Cost savings

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Crew Change Services Means 01

Crew change services means effortless and efficient transportation for our customers

You only have a small team and yet you have traditionally needed to manage a lot of suppliers simultaneously, whilst also coordinating equipment, tools and crew. Our product offers a better distribution of tasks, so that FOWIC focuses on the practical management of the supplier, including best practice, whilst you can focus more on the high value tasks and responding to changes in plans as things progress.

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Read more about our Integrated Services as a part of our alliance concept.

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