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Blue Tern And Brave Tern On Hohe See And Albatros

Oil & Gas

Blue Tern is a versatile, self-propelled DP2 vessel with a long heritage within the Oil & Gas segment. She has an approved UK Safety Case and is capable of handling a variety of tasks in the offshore Oil & Gas environment.

Blue Tern was specifically designed to withstand harsh environment offshore conditions, is capable of operating throughout the year in water depths of up to 65 meters and has a crane capacity of 1,200 MT. Blue Tern offers permanent accommodation for 150 Persons on Board – designed to the highest (NORSOK) standards.

Furthermore, she has experience with:

  • Accommodation jobs
  • Maintenance jobs
  • Well-service activities
  • Transport and Installation
  • Decommissioning

Read the press release about the removal of Tyne and Guinevere platforms in late 2019/early 2020 here.