Fred. Olsen Windcarrier is dedicated to the protection of personnel, vessels, equipment and the environment.

We are committed to being recognised as a leading organisation for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management.

For us, these are not simply words. We know our success depends on top performance within safety and quality. It is our first and foremost priority to establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Our aim is always:

  • Meeting or exceeding customer requirements and expectations
  • Zero injuries
  • Zero unintended environmental spills
  • Zero defects
  • On-time delivery
  • Continuous improvement

Safety “Think first – Act safely”

Our safety management system takes into account the strictest requirements from the major offshore wind farm owners and turbine manufacturers.

Our system reflects the highest safety standard in the business. The requirements are specified in our governing document for safety, the HSE Manual. Further, our safety management system includes detailed procedures, guidelines, forms and checklists to support the crew in safe working practices.

  • Zero injury mind set: We strongly believe that all accidents can be avoided
  • No job is so important that it cannot be done safely
  • Focus on prevention and pro-active approach

Download our safety handbook.


HSEQ is at the heart of our company’s culture and is integrated into everything that we do.

Think First - Act Safely

  • High HSE with an excellent track record
  • Delivering to a high quality standard
  • Proudly providing a safe working environment

A part of marine history since 1848

  • Excellence in execution through more than 170 years
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Commitment and passion for innovation

Be proactive – get the job done

  • Modern and efficient vessels
  • A dedicated and comprehensive team
  • Fully engineered and proven solutions
  • Best results are obtained by steaming forward

Show Integrity – Act fair

  • Fair play mentality
  • Always be informative
  • Show flexibility
  • Share knowledge


Risk Awareness

Risk management is implemented in all our activities and we always conduct HAZIDs and HAZOPs before starting a project. Risk Assessments or Task Risk Assessments are developed for all hazardous work operations and are controlled through the Permit to Work system and Toolbox Talks prior to beginning work.

All our personnel receive training in Observation Technique and Take2 last-minute risk assessments, conducted on the point-of-work.

Environmental focus

Our vessels are state-of-the-art clean ship design, meeting the most stringent class requirements. We always seek to reduce the CO2 and NOX footprint through efficient ship energy management. We have analysed the environmental aspects and measure the performance against our KPIs.


We believe in efficiency and satisfaction not only for our customers, but for our people as well. And that means getting the job done right the first time, on time, every time. We think in terms of requirements and expectations that lead to quality, results and benefits enjoyed from quality, and customer satisfaction – which is the ultimate measure of quality.


We have defined and implemented structured procedures for all our critical work processes.

To demonstrate our compliance with recognised standards, our project activities and maritime operations are certified by DNVGL in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and the ISM Code.