Brave Tern successfully upgraded


Brave Tern, one of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier’s two specialist jack-up vessels, has this week been successfully upgraded.

The modifications were executed at Franklin Offshore, in Rotterdam, by Franklin Offshore and SRC Group AS.

The upgrades include extending the jacking legs by 14m, making the legs 92.4m long. The cranes will also be prepared for a boom extension of up to 20m. This will include both an insert piece for the crane boom and an extension of the A-frame. The lifting height will become 120m from the main deck.

“The upgrades to Brave Tern have been a success and she will be available in time for her next project,” Even Larsen, Head of Commercial and Projects, said. “These modifications were carried out because offshore wind turbines are growing in size and capacity. Brave, and soon Bold will be capable of handling the latest generation turbines.”

Sister vessel, Bold Tern, will undertake the same upgrades within the next 12 months.

With the upgrades in place, the two Tern Class vessels will be capable of transporting 4 complete ‘multi MW’ turbines with full towers throughout the year in water depths of up to 55m – up to 60m in the summer.