Successful launch of Brave Tern

Our jack-up installation vessel, the Brave Tern, was recently successfully transported from her construction site and launched into the ocean according to schedule.

As the vessel has been built several hundred meters from the sea, the launch was unlike a classical ship launch in that it ran over a total of six days.  Brave Tern was driven on a total of 414 axles corresponding to 1600 wheels a distance of 700 meters to the quayside. With a transport weight of 12,200 tonnes, the load out is one of the heaviest vessel land moves in the world. The shore transport was completed in less than three hours. Once the vessel was maneuvered onto a submersible barge and the transport axles removed, the barge was then ballasted and the ship was floated off.  She is now safely moored at the quayside for further outfitting.

Commenting about the load out, Tor Erik Andreassen, Managing Director of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier said:

“Two years after signing the contract with Lamprell, the move of the first vessel from the construction site and into her natural wet environment is an important event marking a large step towards a successful delivery of our new build.  I was thrilled to personally witness the breathtaking move of the vessel to the quayside. Lamprell is well on track to deliver the high class product we ordered.”